Accountability Statement

Advertisers are responsible for advertisement content they have made available to the public through Localrental.com. Measures have been taken to protect against misuse and alteration of advertisement content. Localrental.com reserves the right to edit or reject any ad for any reason without refund.

Localrental.com is not responsible for accuracy or advertisement content submitted by advertisers. In furnishing this website, no warranty or representation, either expressed or implied, with respect to accuracy, completeness or utility of the information contained in this website is made; nor is there any assumption of any liability of any kind whatesoever resulting from the use or reliance upon any information or proceedure contained in this website. The user must conduct his or her independant research on any topic from this site.

Privacy Statement

No information is obtained, collected, or stored from viewers of advertisements.

Billing information is collected solely for the purpose of billing advertisers. Personal contact information of advertisers, such as email address, is required to assure accountability of advertisement content. Such information may be disclosed if action is required by law for the purposes of ethics, or to protect the rights of Localrental.com, users, site, or public. No billing information is passed on to third parties. All information, billing and ad content, is purged from the system periodically after advertisements expire.

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