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Description of what you are renting

What are you renting?



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Rental listings are easy to make and you don't have to become a member of anything. Identify what you have for rent and list a phone number. The directions are below.

What are you renting?
What you are renting goes in the text box on the left. This is the first thing you see in the ads. The computer inserts it. If you have several different items to rent, they can be listed in this text box. A company name adds credibility to a listing. Limited information inspires prospects to call for more information.

Use one or two words. Use a phone number.

One or two general words works best in the "What are you renting?" box. Type in what most people will type when looking for your item. Items are more often found based upon what is in the text of listings.

If you have several things to rent, use general terms such as "Apartment" or "Warehouse". It is not necessary to make separate listings for different items. You are welcome make several listings.

The discription
Fewer words make more effective ads. A good rule of thumb is to have the entire content of your ad show up in the window. Otherwise it gets boring. Most people are happy to find something in the general area. They call to get the rest of the information. That is what you want.

In the process of making your listing, if you get a message that says there could be a problem with a possible offensive word, look closely in the text of your ad. The system has a vocabulary list of words and symbols that are automatically rejected. Also, for the same reason, the system does not accept multiple dots, dashes, exclamation points, etc. On the whole this is for your own good.

You can change your advertisment later from this link: Edit an ad, which is looks like this page. Your email address and password allow you access to your listing.

Phone number.

It is best to refer to the city or town of where the item is located, for the "where" box. Surrounding areas will automatically be included in a search, even if you do not specifically mention them in your ad. Additional locations can be added to your "search terms".

If you are advertising a company with several locations in several metropolitan areas, your lisitng will be rendered for those areas if you mention those places in the text or search terms of the ad. A telephone number for each area or a toll free number can be used. Like everything else, location can be changed at any time later. There is no limit to the number of times your ad can be edited.


Spell out the state. Your ad will be queried base upon what state is listed in the "State" box, the text of the ad, and "search terms". What you put in the state field can be edited like everything else.

Search terms
Put the abreviation or initials of your state here. The search term box is used for any other key words that people might use to find your listing. This box has the capacity of up to 250 charactors of information. No one will sees these terms, but listings are queried based upon the words included here.

When you are all finished, go back and try finding your ad. If it cannot be found with any particular combination of words that it should, add more to your search terms or change the text.

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